I’ll Have My Birthday When It Rains

MyFarmer's birthday is tomorrow, and in my typical always-planning-in-advance fashion, I asked him this morning what he wanted to do for his birthday tomorrow. His response: "Let's just move my birthday to Wednesday. That's when it's supposed to rain." Ummm, hang on a second.  I kind of feel like your date of birth, the day… Continue reading I’ll Have My Birthday When It Rains


What Are We Doing Here?

You may be wondering, "Why in Sam Hill am I sitting here reading this blog post by some chick and what in the heck is a Ranchy Ruby anyway?"  Okay, those are legitimate questions.  First of all, I'm excited your here. Please plan on sticking around for awhile!  We're going to have a lot of… Continue reading What Are We Doing Here?