What Are We Doing Here?

You may be wondering, “Why in Sam Hill am I sitting here reading this blog post by some chick and what in the heck is a Ranchy Ruby anyway?”  Okay, those are legitimate questions.  First of all, I’m excited your here. Please plan on sticking around for awhile!  We’re going to have a lot of fun.  Here’s a short list of things that I promise will happen on this blog:

1)  Funny stuff.

2)  Discussions about agriculture.

3)  Lots of pictures of Delilah.  Who’s Delilah you ask?  She’s only the most amazing, beautiful, and awesome cow in the world.  You’re excited to see more of her, I can tell.  I’m happy to oblige.

4)   Updates on whats going on around the farm.  Whether it be planting, harvest, mums, picking sweet corn, or more recently, sitting in the kitchen watching it rain for days on end, you’ll know whats happening!

5)  Random stuff I learn throughout this journey of being a farmer’s wife.

Now, what is a Ranchy Ruby?  Well, here’s the quick and dirty on that.  Ruby comes from the name of my husband and I’s farm where we are raising mums and sweet corn:  Ruby Branch Farms.  Feel free to give us a “like” on Facebook! *insert shameless plug here*  There’s actually a pretty cool reason for the farm name, I’ll be sure to post about that soon.  Onto the Ranchy part.  I REALLY want to call my little slice of livestock heaven a ranch.  Granted, I have 3 horses and 1 cow, but still.   MyFarmer REFUSES to allow the word “ranch” to be used to describe anything unless it is west of the Mississippi.  Fine, whatever.  But I CAN use the word Ranchy as an adjective.  For example: “That horse with the brands looks really ranchy.”  In conclusion, our place is not a RANCH but it is RANCHY.  Are you following?  Good.  If you’re now picturing a giant red ruby jewel wearing a wild rag and a cowboy hat so am I.  P.S. Your phone will most likely auto correct ranchy to raunchy.  Be sure to proofread before you send your mom text about how ranchy some girl is.

I’ll leave you now with a teaser picture of Delilah… just to keep you wanting more.

Photo by my awesome MIL Barbara!

Please feel free to comment with questions or suggestions!

Peace and Blessings y’all!



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