Happy National Dog Day!

As any of you that have social media know, today, August 26th, is National Dog Day. I’m all about any “holidays” that celebrate the critters I love. National Cow Appreciation Day? You best believe Delilah gets extra love the 2nd Friday of July every year. I thought today would be a great opportunity to introduce you all to our farm puppies. After all, a farm isn’t a farm unless it’s got a dog or two or three running around!

Oldest Child: Cactus Madeline, Blue Heeler


Don’t let that cute face fool you, she is 28 pounds of hardy dog. She is the most stubborn, awful, deviously smart, hard headed, non-listening dog in the history of dogs, but she is hilarious and I love her. Her favorite hobbies include chasing kids on bicycles and rolling in cow poop. Fun fact about Cactus: She HATED MyFarmer when we first started dating. After all, she was in my life before him. When MyFarmer and I were dating, he would often babysit her on weekends that I was out of town for rodeos. To show her appreciation of his hospitality, she would regularly pee in his shoes.

Good dog.

Middle Child: Princess Sophia Pickles “Sophie”, Yellow Lab


Sophie lives in her own little blissful blonde world. I don’t think it is possible to make her unhappy. She LOVES the water and attempting to eat the water when it comes out of the end of the hose. MyFarmer uses her to retrieve ducks out of the water when he hunts, and apparently shes pretty good at that. Fun fact about Sophie: MyFarmer (with the influence of his brother, I believe) literally named her “Princess Sophia Pickles” as her registered name. Bless their hearts.

Baby Pooch: Areena Jolene, Heeler/Border Collie cross


It is basically impossible to get a decent picture of Areena because she is always on the move. She is the dog that makes people like me look like a rockstar dog owner. She’s extremely smart and obedient, is very friendly, and loves learning new tricks. Areena’s fun fact: her name is a conglomerate of 2 names that MyFarmer told me that there was ZERO chance of ever naming a human child. I got the name Areena from Arena de la Cruz(she is a very handy roper, and her brother, Cesar, has been to the NFR tons of times in the team roping). I’ve always thought that was a super cool name. MyFarmer says we, “are not going to name our child after a place that you ride your horses!” Fair enough. My BBF’s middle name is Jolene, which is all that I call her, because, well, I don’t know why – it just happened. Again, MyFarmer insists that, “we are not going to name our child after your best friend. That’s just weird!” Fine, whatever, I’ll name my dog after her. #winning

Honorary Farm Dog: Lula Mae, Pug


Lula Mae actually belongs to ScubaSteve and Barbara. Although she prefers to leave the cow herding and duck retrieving to her cousins, she does make it out of the house to go for a Gator ride every now and again. Lu’s favorite pastimes include playing with Mema, laying on heater vents when its cold outside, napping, and laying on air conditioning vents when it’s hot outside. She lives the dream.

Happy National Dog Day to all of our poodle friends from Ruby Branch Farms!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Dog Day!”

  1. Laney, I have been reading your blog since Pam Bruce first told me about your escapade getting caught in the fence in your PJs. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy following the goings on at Ruby Branch Farms. I find myself smiling, just thinking about the blog I have recently read. Keep up the great writing. :))


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