Welcome to Ruby Branch Farms

On September 12th, 2015 it finally happened. MyFarmer and I officially opened Ruby Branch Farms for business. It was the most satisfying/terrifying/glorifying/I'mgonnathrowup-ifying day of my life. We were up with the sun and had everything ready at 8:00am. Bring on the customers! 9:00am came and went, no customers. 9:30am, not one. MyFarmer got tired of me nervously fidgeting around almost in tears,… Continue reading Welcome to Ruby Branch Farms


Canapalooza 2015

I decided that I needed one last summer trip before "Ruby Branch Farms" season officially gets going, so last weekend I went home to the motherland. Ohio being the motherland, of course. The weekend just happened to be my little Armadillo's first birthday. (My niece is Armadillo - doesn't everyone give their nieces invasive rodent nicknames? Ha!) It also coincided with… Continue reading Canapalooza 2015