Welcome to Ruby Branch Farms

On September 12th, 2015 it finally happened. MyFarmer and I officially opened Ruby Branch Farms for business. It was the most satisfying/terrifying/glorifying/I’mgonnathrowup-ifying day of my life. We were up with the sun and had everything ready at 8:00am. Bring on the customers!

rbf sign

9:00am came and went, no customers. 9:30am, not one. MyFarmer got tired of me nervously fidgeting around almost in tears, so he sent me to town to get a McDonald’s coffee. I knew just the person to call in this distressing situation, MyMaja. But alas, she didn’t answer. Okay, choice numero dos, MySeester. Strait to voicemail. Craaaap. MyPoppa is third on the “I’m emotionally unstable and I need to talk to someone in my immediate family that is contractually obligated to love me no matter what” phone list, so I give him a call. Now, MyPoppa is great at a bunch of things. Re-building antique airplanes? Yup, he’s one of the best. Manure spreader fixer? Expert status. Trail riding buddy? My favorite. Ability to “go into surgery” to repair his daughters plastic horse after one of the neighbor kids broke it’s leg? Handled like a pro. Giving a “pick-me-up” speech to his train wreck of a daughter? Not good. I realized quickly that MyPoppa was not going to be able to talk me off of the ledge I was on, so I hung up the phone and ordered a large coffee with one creamer. A small or medium just wouldn’t do while I was in this state. As I drove back to Ruby Branch Farms I was envisioning all the terrible things that were going to happen. No customers would come, ScubaSteve would be right, (ugh, just typing that hurts my soul) we would become the laughing stock of our town, and Delilah wouldn’t love me anymore because she only loves winners.


By the time I got back to the farm I had talked myself into a completely dismal state of mind. (Did I mention McDonalds is 2.4 miles from the farm? I work fast.) But then something crazy happened. We had our first customer! Then another, then another. It was so exciting! I had this huge, goofy smile plastered on my face that you couldn’t wipe off if you tried.

After our first “rush” of customers MyFarmer and I sat down and just looked at each other and smiled. It was such a cool feeling to know that we accomplished this goal together, as farmer and farmher, husband and wife. That feeling of accomplishment TOGETHER felt better than anything I’ve ever achieved by myself. Most people thought we were crazy for just being married a year, farming together, AND starting a business together. I’m not going to lie to you and say it was peaches and cream through it all, but it has been an amazing ride and I wouldn’t want to be on that ride with anyone other than MyFarmer.

cass and jo

Fast forward 3 weeks, and things are going really well. Sales have been good and continually getting better. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would be a mum farmer and absolutely LOVE IT I would have told you that you were crazy. But this has been such a fun new journey to take with MyFarmer, and I’m looking forward to doing it for years to come.


Until next time,

-Laney the Ranchyist mum farmer on this side of the Mississippi


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