The Chaos That is Our Lives

I have 4 important points to make before we get into this blog:

*Clearing throat for dramatic effect*

  1. Adopting 3 feral cats from the local shelter in hopes that you can tame them and love them and squeeze them will only lead you to disappointment and despair. I’m not saying you shouldn’t adopt them to be your fearless barn kitties, you totally should, but just don’t get your hopes up about getting unconditional kitty love in return. Zip, Zap, and Zoom should have been named Hiss, Growl, and Claw.  Sighhhh

    How many cats do you have to have before you become a crazy cat lady? I’m hoping more than 5…
  2. It is inevitable that once harvest is over and you finally get to folding the 439 loads of laundry that are piled on the guest bed, that an unexpected guest will arrive at your house and you will be mortified by the piles of underwear on your couch.
  3. Delilah thoroughly enjoys gorging herself on pumpkins in the fall. Who knew she was such a #basicwhitecow? Actually cows liking pumpkin is a thing. Some farmers even use pumpkins as part of the feed rations for their cows. There’s your interesting fact of the day.
  4. You need to turn on your “oh crap I’ve lost my iPhone” thingymajig on your phone RIGHT NOW. After spending over an hour looking for my friends missing phone after being ALL OVER our farm, we got on the intraweb and it told us EXACTLY where it was via satellite imagry. Seriously mind blowing.

Now that the important part of this blog is over, lets move on.

Fall is drawing to a close and that means Ruby Branch Farms selling season is officially over. It was a bit of a sad day when we tore down and put everything away. Am I thrilled to have my life back to somewhat normal and not be married to the mums? Yes. Am I sad that I no longer get to hang out with my mums? Also yes. Are we totally looking forward to next year? Hellz to the yes!

On a serious note, we had a PHENOMENAL first year selling our mums and fall décor. We sold more that we were expecting and actually made some money. I was just as shocked as you are! Let me just tell you a story that’s marginally embarrassing:  We were about 4-5 weeks into selling season when my weekly deposit actually paid off our small operating loan and went into our bank account. (We went from being in the red to being in the black, if you will.) I literally had tears in my eyes and said, “We are actually going to make money!” And the teller said, “Yes sweetie, you are!” TellerPam either understands the immense feeling of accomplishment that comes with starting a successful business with your husband OR she thinks I’m a little bit emotionally unstable and fears me. Either way she was very sweet.

I immediately called MyFarmer who was in the combine, and unbeknownst to me had a passenger with him. I was so excited yammering on about how proud I was of us, how much I loved him, how much I loved mums, how amazing our life is, etc. etc. when MyFarmer said, “By the way so-in-so is riding with me right now.” Oh, well, this is awkward. Whatevs, no amount of humiliation was going to ruin my day.

I just love this picture. Henceforth, why it’s here.


Have I told you all about our “real” farm? Yes, we have Ruby Branch Farms that raises mums, sweet corn, and Indian corn, so I suppose it is a real farm, kind of. I also have my large cattle herd, you know, Delilah and Daphne, but I don’t think having 2 cows makes you a farmer. And having 3 horses definitely doesn’t make you a farmer. (Something about how they are giant money pits and pasture maggots. Ha!) But the “real” farm is S & B Farms where we raise wheat, barley, corn, and soybeans. (By “we” I mean, MyFarmer, ScubaSteve, and LittleE.) To say the least, harvest was trying this year. There were fires, breakdowns, kidney stones, and augers falling from the sky, but thankfully everyone made it out in one piece, and we managed to have the best corn crop we have ever had! You know the old saying, “you’ve got to take the good with the bad”? That’s what we are telling ourselves this year. I’ll elaborate more on harvest in another post. Just to keep you wanting more. 🙂

I don’t tell everyone this, but I’m a professional escort. I escort combines and tractors all over the place.


I hope that you all have an amazing Thanksgiving full of family and friends! (To my Canadian friends, I’m sorry I missed your Thanksgiving – I’ll do better next year, I promise!)

Be thankful for the farmers that raised the food that is on your plate!

Much Love,

Laney – lover of all things sunrises

No editing on this picture. 100% Kentucky sunrise sent strait from the heavens above. I ❤ sunrises.







1 thought on “The Chaos That is Our Lives”

  1. You’ve all had a very busy year – so it was OK to miss Canadian Thanksgiving – we forgive you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you have much to be thankful for -love from Canada. Dave & Pam
    P.S. Congrats! on a successful year, wishing for you both many more!

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