AGDay365 Week 4

Week 4 of 2017 did not disappoint! We are now counting down the weeks until we get started planting corn! Everyone gets pretty stir-crazy this time of year. Oh and 11 weeks give or take until Delilah calves. Not that I'm counting... Laney


Our Contractor Hates Us

Our house contractor, we'll call him Bob, hates us. Not as people (I hope), but as clients. He's never just come out and said, "You, lady, were sent strait from the gates of hell" but I get the feeling he thinks that on occasion. As I said before, I dreamed up some "house plans" and… Continue reading Our Contractor Hates Us


The Dreaded Resolutions

It's that time of year friends. That time where we come off the holiday high we were on and plummet back into the real world. That time where we decide that this new year is OUR year and make our lists of New Year Resolutions. We are going to get skinnier, smarter, work harder, and… Continue reading The Dreaded Resolutions