MyFarmer first showed me Miss Rubie’s farm early in our dating years and from the moment I saw that beautiful piece of ground I know I wanted to live there. We were engaged on that farm, had our rehearsal dinner on that farm, and spent countless hours dreaming about having our home there. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have married MyFarmer without this farm… buuuut…. KIDDING!

When the farm first came up for sale we were SO EXCITED because the farm had two really nice barn/shops, the original house that was built in 1890, along with the acreage. We assumed that since people had been living in the house it would be in good enough shape to restore and make our home. We were ready to move in ASAP!

*SKUUUURT* (That’s a squealing tire noise, in case you couldn’t tell)

Then we actually got into the house. Heartbroken isn’t even the word for it. The house was obviously past the point of reasonable repair, and even worse, there was black mold. Everywhere. That pretty well took the wind out of our sails. At that point we decided to focus on getting the shop and barn cleaned up and in use and get some fences up for the horses. We essentially ignored that epic disappointment of a house for 3 years.

Then came summer 2016. We decided the stars were working on aligning and we should start thinking about getting a house built in the next year. I scribbled out a house plan from my brain onto a scrap piece of paper and handed it to our builder. Miraculously he was able to draw out a real house plan from my mess. Although we still aren’t done “tweaking” the plans, they are pretty much done. Which is terrifying. Why the hell is this guy  willing to build a house designed by someone that still can’t even manage to load the dishwasher to her mothers standards?

Although we’ve known for over 3 years that Miss Rubie’s house was going to have to come down in order for us to build, I don’t think either of us were ready for it last weekend. MyFarmer and I both made a point to say our peace with Miss Rubie in hopes that she wouldn’t be super ticked at us. It was especially odd for me to be emotional about it since I have never actually met Miss Rubie, but for whatever reason I feel a connection with her. Not in the creepy “I see dead people” way, but in a way that both of us love this piece of land and I’m pretty sure she was a pretty tough and hard-headed lady… a trait I may or may not carry as well.

From the beginning of talking about this project MyFarmer and I have vowed to keep as much history alive as possible from the old house. Like I said, the original part of the house was built in 1890, so that house has seen a whole lot of life. Our Saturday and Sunday was spent picking up beams, set stones, and bricks in hopes of being able to re-use them in the new house.

We were expecting to get maybe a beam or two and to gather a few bricks, but that old house was a gift that kept on giving! We really didn’t know what we would find underneath a 127 year old house, but man, we found some good stuff! And some opossum skeletons. But that’s another story.

I’m obsessed with these hand-hewn beams. We have a whole pile of ’em. We were just hoping for a couple decent ones. SCORE!
Giant set rocks that were in the foundation. We could barely get them loaded in the tractor bucket. I can’t even imagine setting those things by hand!
Some of the super cool flat rocks that were used to level the foundation.
I cannot believe that house was so level by using rocks that they most likely pulled out of the creek. Basically the entire foundation looked like it does on the right of this picture. It totally fascinates me.
My main project: Picking up bricks. We are hoping to make an outdoor fireplace out of them at some point. Please tell me 482 bricks will be enough. *fingers crossed*
This is the creek on Miss Rubie’s farm where MyFarmer and I were engaged. You can see why we are so partial to this place.
It’s now a blank canvas. Here’s to building our dreams in 2017!

This will be MyFarmer and I’s first (AND ONLY, God willing) home build, so comments and suggestions are encouraged and quite honestly, needed.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!


PS. You can follow #littlehouseontheranch on social media and keep up do date on whats happening!


9 thoughts on “#LittleHouseOnTheRanch”

  1. Laney, I love your updates. I am so proud of you. Your house will be amazing using parts of Ruby’s house but most of all because it is your Farmer’s and your home filled with love. I knew way back in middle school you were very special. Keep me in formed. I hope your dad and mom fly down to see you often.


  2. AHHH I love it! I cannot wait to see the progress come along! I am so happy for you and Drew and all that you all have accomplished together!!!! So good to see college friends succeed! 🙂


  3. Grandmother Rubienwould be proud of you all for the love you have for her home. Many happy memories there. Make it your own with new memories and cherish the beauty around you. Best wishes on a successful build!


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