#AgDay365 Week 2

This weeks #agday365 isn’t exactly what I was planning on. See, when I had my gallbladder out last Monday I honestly thought I would get home, sleep it off the rest of the day, then take back off the next day. While optimistic, it wasn’t quite realistic, so getting out to take pictures every day wasn’t really happening. But I think you will find my mix of pictures entertaining nonetheless.

First things first – my precious Theodore is officially a model! I always knew he was the cutest 31 year old head horse on the planet, but this solidifies it.
This one made me cry. No lies to tell.

My BFF DanaDoodle works for Bluebonnet and does their ad designs, so technically Theo didn’t have to go through a rigorous model selection process, but that doesn’t really matter. It still counts. And I took the pictures, so I’m basically a professional photographer, naturally.

My favorite 4-H family brought me this post-surgery gift and it was absolutely life-saving and perfect. The card says something to the effect of “here’s something to help you though this crappy situation.” In case you can’t tell, that’s a tractor pulling a manure spreader filled with chocolate covered peanuts. Genius. Pure genius my friends.
Clementine was my devoted nurse and couch partner. She knew she couldn’t be on my lap, so she would scooch over as close as she possibly could. She’s the sweetest one.
On Saturday MyFarmer helped our friends pull the tomatoes and all the plastic out of their high tunnel. I brought lunch – that means I helped. Ha!
Feel free to caption this photo. That dog never ceases to make me laugh.

I hope your 2017 is off to a great start!



4 thoughts on “#AgDay365 Week 2”

  1. For the picture of Clementine in the towel, “I just washed my hair and can’t do a thing with it!”
    Glad to hear you are mending well. Love Ya! Aunt Bethy


  2. Feel better! By the way, our granddaughter now beats the crap out of Dave & I at UNO – maybe, we are just terrible players?! D&P


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