AGDay365 Week 4

Week 4 of 2017 did not disappoint!


My BFF DanaDoodle has continued to make me cry with her awesome ads featuring Theodore and Alvin.
My BFF SingerAmy’s parents have a lavender farm in California which is crazy awesome. I’m so looking forward to visiting out there. (Check them out on Facebook: Harmony Lavender) Turns out SingerAmy’s mom is also ridiculously crafty and artsy. She made me this block and it makes me so happy. She even has the correct cow sizes for my 3 girls!  
Gorgeous dashboard sunset. My favorite kind! 
MyFarmer and I spent the weekend with some of our best college friends at a lake house and it was amazing. I have very few pictures because I was too busy loving every minute to have my phone around. I’m not sorry. 
Our friends make super adorable children. Being an Aunt is seriously the best thing ever! 
While I’m a gypsy at heart, there’s nothing like watching the sun come up on the home farm. 

We are now counting down the weeks until we get started planting corn! Everyone gets pretty stir-crazy this time of year. Oh and 11 weeks give or take until Delilah calves. Not that I’m counting…



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