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Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 8 & 9

I had intended on starting this post with an inspiring window quote because we have windows on the house now. You know something about seeing a whole new world open to possibilities or lights through yonder windows and what not. But then when I punched “window quote” into the google the quote that really stuck with me was this:

“Sometimes you’re the window, sometimes you’re the bug.”

Because deep and meaningful is my middle name.

A quick story about being the window:

There was great drama surrounding the master bathtub. Glen told me I had room to get any type of tub I wanted. So I went to the tub palace and tried out a few different sizes. Being a taller than average female the standard tub was just not a good fit. Then we found a 74″ tub. Friends, it was a glorious time. I literally just sat in that tub while the sales lady talked for probably longer than what is socially acceptable. My legs stretched all the way out not even touching the other end of the tub. I was sold. I wanted that tub.

I called Glen to be sure that this glorious piece of bathing equipment would in fact fit in the master bathroom. It seemed too good to be true. And… it was. He broke my tub-loving heart. Shattered it into a million little porcelain pieces when he told me that he wasn’t sure that anything bigger than a standard tub would fit in there. I’m pretty sure he could hear the devastation in my voice because he promptly told me that he would measure the spot tomorrow and tell me exactly how much room I have to work with. At 7:43am he called and broke the news. I didn’t have room for the 72″, but I DID have room for a 66″. (A standard tub is 60″, by the way.) I may not be getting the Rolls Royce of bathtubs, but I am getting a pretty solid Cadillac. And I’m pretty darn excited about that. (I guess I should add, I haven’t had a bathtub in my house for 3 years, and the house we lived in before this one had a SMALLER than standard size tub. 5 years of sub-par or no par tubbing, people.)

And now a quick story about being the bug:

On Tuesday we had a 20% chance of rain. So an 80% chance that it would not rain. And it did not rain for 23.25 hours of the day. But there was a period of 45 minutes that an absolute monsoon fell. In that 45 minutes we got almost 2.5 inches of rain. The house is now completely under roof, so rain shouldn’t be a problem… unless someone forgets to plug up the tubes that the water and electric run into the basement through. MyFarmer sent me a video and it seriously sounded like someone had a faucet on as high as it will open… directly into our basement. By the time the rain passed about a foot of water was sitting in our basement. Luckily the drain in the basement works great so all the water was removed quickly. On the much less fortunate side… there was about 2 inches solid of mucky mud that had to be shoveled into a bucket, carried up the stairs, and dumped outside. The guys spent 2 days doing this in the 90 degree heat. To say MyFarmer was a little bit grumpy would be an understatement. And I don’t blame him.

This picture was after a full day of cleaning. UGHHH.

But, we aren’t going to dwell on the negative here. We have a framed house, a roof, windows and doors! Pretty exciting stuff going on here. We also have shingles on the roof now… but I don’t have a picture of that. #bloggerfail


Here’s a picture from the opposite back corner of the normal pictures:


I really should have taken pictures from this spot to begin with. This is the more exciting side of the house. HA!

The plumbers have plumbed things and the electrician starts wiring stuff in the next week or so. The little house on the ranch is really starting to be a house!

Wishing all our fellow farmers out there a safe and plentiful harvest!

Happy first day of fall, y’all!



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