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Little House on the Ranch: Week 13

While some people may freak out over all things number 13 (SCUBASTEVE), I enjoy the number 13. And this, the 13th week of the Little House on the Ranch build, has been a fun and exciting one!

The dirt work around the house is officially done, we have a sidewalk, we have a first layer of paint, AND they started on the siding today. For realz this is moving along.

I’ve found in discussing builds and remodels with people the thing that the say is the worst is picking out paint colors. The horror stories of a trillion paint samples and changing their minds a thousand times just sound awful. But luckily I have an easy, stress free way to pick out paint colors. Actually, it’s a 2 part program for success.

Part one: Walk through the paint area and grab the paint colors that have the NAMES that you are the most into. Seriously, the color doesn’t even matter at this point. Just go for the stuff that you know that you like or are interested in. Those colors for us (ME) happened to be: buckskin pony, faint fawn, cracked wheat, doeskin, cowboy hat, happy trails, and whole wheat. Once you spend about 12 minutes doing this, go home and order a pizza. With greasy pizza fingers pick out the colors for your entire house out of what you picked out in that 12 minutes. The next day, go get some samples of those colors, paint them in spots on the walls, and decide what colors go where. Give yourself a high-five, you’re done. And don’t even think about changing your mind. I believe that what you first like is actually what you like, and if you start second guessing it you’ll end up not liking it as much. Trust me, I’ve painted 3 entire houses in the past 5 years. It hasn’t failed me yet.

Part two: Have a partially colorblind husband. He can tell you what he likes, but isn’t confident enough in his color seeing to tell you if he doesn’t like it. That’s a good thing my dear friends.

MyFarmer and I are extremely decisive and go-with-your-gut when it comes to this house. We have yet to back up and change anything. And we don’t intend to. It’s only as stressful as you make it, and honestly it hasn’t been anywhere near as stressful as I thought it would be thus far. The only real stress has been our complete lack of time to do “extra” stuff – like picking out paint colors. But if we can manage to schedule a couple of hours a week together to get this stuff picked out we rock it out. Honestly I think the reason it has been so easy is that MyFarmer and I have had the same vision throughout. I can seen where it would be really not fun if the two people building the house wanted two different things.

And now for your weekly progress pictures, brought to you by Laney’s iPhone.

Right before primer.
With primer. Those stained boards will go on the ceiling of the living room, front porch, and back lanai. (MyFarmer HATES it when I call it the lanai. That much more of a reason to continue. Plus, Golden Girls.) 
Can you tell we are farm and ranch people? HA! 
Such contrast of colors! How will we ever decide? 
A surprised ScubaSteve beautifully modeling the new sidewalk.

Okay y’all small rant time… my ONE THING that I’m totes annoyed about with this house is that I wanted NO STEPS to go into the house. And you see how that ended up. *Insert angry face here* In the great scheme of things it’s not that huge of a deal, but it still grinds my gears a bit. But the ever-handy MyFarmer is going to build a removable ramp that goes over the steps to help out our older visitors. He’s pretty okay.

Sneak peak of the master bedroom color. I’m not showing you all of the rooms yet because if I showed you all of my goods at once you wouldn’t need to come back. 
We are OBSESSED with this siding. Like, we knew we would like it, but we didn’t know we would love it this much. So if you don’t like it don’t rain on our parade. HA! 

That’s it for this weeks fun. See you next time. 🙂



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