An Armadillo Thanksgiving

I was fortunate enough to get back to my homeland and spend an early Thanksgiving weekend with my amazing family. MyFarmer didn’t get to go with me because we are STILL trying to get all the soybeans out of the field, but that’s just part of being farmers. Sometimes you miss out.

iPhone’s have a camera timer. Didn’t know that until recently. It’s amazing.

While the weekend as a whole was amazing, 2 things that happened this weekend just made my Aunt Laney heart so happy. My niece, better known as my Armadillo, is pretty much the light of my life. She thinks I’m pretty awesome, and let me just say the feeling is mutual. She turned 3 in August and has developed a HUGE love for horses and roping. I got to go with her to a riding lesson and then we bought her a kids rope for her to start practicing. I was FLOORED at her riding lesson how well she focused and how much she truly enjoyed it. And I may be a little biased, but I think she has some natural talent in there.

The next day she found her rope in the back seat and WOULD NOT let go of it for love nor money. When we got home she spent about 45 minutes “woping” the old vacuum cleaner and her Gopa. She will have it figured out in no time. It makes my heart so happy to see her interested in horses and rodeo. If she chooses to not pursue them that’s okay too, but as long as she likes it I’m going to encourage it!


The other thing that was so special about the weekend was making pie crusts and noodles with my Armadillo. My Mimmie made the absolute best crusts and noodles in the world, and although mine are no where near as good as hers, I am sure trying to carry on the tradition. Seeing that little girl with a rolling pin and covered in flour honestly made me really emotional. Mimmie would be so proud to know the tradition is being passed down to another generation. And I really hope that someday Armadillo will feel a special connection to her Mimmie in the kitchen like I do.

We have Thanksgiving with MyFarmer’s family this week, so I get to eat delicious food twice in one week. OH DARN! My jeans are getting tighter just thinking about it.


I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by people that you love! Please remember to be thankful for those farmers that spend 365 days a year raising the food that you are enjoying!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble till you Wobble!



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