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Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 21 The Unicorn Has Landed!


I apologize, that’s a lot of my face for a Monday. 


You know what was really cruel about the day my precious unicorn stove was delivered? It was delivered the same day that they came and sprayed the insulation around the foundation of the house. And apparently while that foam is drying the fumes are deathly toxic. So I could only look at my beautiful unicorn from afar. The next day I was able to go in the house and hug her and kiss her and tell her how much I love her. Is it weird to love a stove this much? I hope not.


She’s so magical. ❤


A couple big projects were knocked out last week! The fireplace is officially done and the master bath is tiled and grouted. The guys were able to get our fireplace done in just two days. I was amazed!

Sorry, I don’t have an actual done-done picture of the fireplace yet! Be on the look out for next week!

MyFarmer and I also picked out the counter top for the island last week. We went with a leathered granite that feels and looks really cool. We were undecided on whether we would go granite or quartz until we got the prices on them. Granite it is!! HA! But my mom swears that quartz is cheaper where she lives. Maybe pricing on it is somewhat geographical?

Speaking of counter tops… I’m going to give you a little bit of advice here. MyFarmer and I are on a BU-DG-ET. And we aren’t messing around with that. With that being said, this may be a shock to you; we don’t always buy from the place with the best prices, we buy from the place with the best customer service. For example, the first place that we went to look at counter tops were CHEAP and they had some stuff that was really pretty. But once we started talking to the guy about their procedure, we were immediately turned off. He told us to just “text the owner the measurements because he doesn’t ever answer the phone.” The second place we went was further away and a little more expensive, but their customer service was outstanding. They were more than willing to stay later with us so I didn’t have to leave work early, and they had a clear, concise quote to in my inbox the next morning. Guess which we are going with? The place we can get good service from.

Why is good service so important us? It’s not just because I like it when people answer the phone. In my experience good customer service also means that the company will take better care of their customers. One thing early on that we did go the cheaper-option route was our siding. And when they ordered too many boxes of siding for us, they would not take them back. So MyFarmer and I bought 2 or 3 boxes of siding that we didn’t need… that’s pretty annoying. Do you think the first counter-top place would go out of their way to make it right if something was wrong with the counter top they made? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Moral of the story price matters,of course, but so does the service. Sometimes paying for good service costs you more on the front side, but a lot of times it will save you a lot of money (and headache) in the end.


If you need me I’ll be frantically shopping for Christmas gifts because I AM NOT READY.



1 thought on “Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 21 The Unicorn Has Landed!”

  1. Laney, love getting your updates on your house. The unicorn stove looks amazing and the fireplace stone looks terrific. Wishing you and yours A Very Merry Merry Christmas!


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