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Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 23

Happy 2018 friends!

I don’t know about you all, but 2017 seemed to go by in a flash!

The other thing that seems to be going by in a flash is this #littlehouseontheranch build. The past couple of weeks the guys have hit it into high gear and we are within a month of moving it… pending no disasters of course. *crosses fingers*


That’s what it looks like walking into the front door of the house right now. They have all of the “wood”(commercial grade laminate) flooring laid, now all that’s left flooring wise is the carpet. We went with the higher quality carpet backing stuff (the squishy stuff that goes under the carpet) and the least fluffiest option for the actual carpet because, dog and cat hair. Our hope is that the reduced fluff will allow for a cleaner carpet. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m sorry for using all those technical carpet terms. I hope you were able to keep up. HA!

I’ve also learned in this process that people are very passionate about carpet. And there’s only 2 sides: the carpet lovers and the carpet haters. And they are not afraid to tell you either way and their reasons why. I like getting up in the morning and putting my feet on carpet, personally, but to each their own!


We have our barn doors! And they are so stinking cool. And actually made out of real barn wood from MyFarmer’s great uncle’s barn. (The same wood used for our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.) Fun fact, the big door weighs close to 300 pounds. It was quite the adventure getting that bad boy up there. Since it is so heavy they are putting in special braces and safety devices this week. The little door goes to my pantry. I’m in love.

Don’t fret, there is a railing for the loft opening! I thought it would be fine to just throw a bunch of bean bag chairs below on the floor, but everyone seemed pretty adamant about a railing and that I couldn’t have a fireman’s pole to slide down. #lame


Those 2 little fans make hurricane force winds in that big room! We have the “chandelier” on order and it should be here next week. Having that installed will round out our electrical stuff! Yippee!


This is the guest bath vanity. The space we had for the vanity was not necessarily normal, but they were able to make the vanity a great size that still allowed for drawer space. They are awesome. I’d show you the vanity in the master bath but I can’t go up there because they just stained the stairs. Sorry! But seriously, I can’t say enough good things about Orlinda Furniture Company! The work that they have done on our house is incredible. I don’t know if you have ever tried to work with barn wood, but it’s a chore. And they create masterpieces with it! I’m obsessed with them. Not in a creepy way. Kind of.


The fireplace is done! Except I think we are going to shorten up the mantle a bit. Fun fact, the mantle is from an old tobacco barn that stood on Miss Rubie’s farm, just about 100 yards from our new house. It didn’t have to move far!


I bought the first decoration for the house today! I’m totally not a decorate-y type person, but I’ve been obsessed with finding a windmill for the new house. Check that one off the list!

I hope your 2018 is off to a great start! See you next time!







1 thought on “Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 23”

  1. Dave&I are so impressed with your house. It is all the stuff we love, so great taste!😜 You must be very excited to move in. Can’t wait to see it with furniture. P

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