A Good Rain and a Baby Calf Are Always Welcome

The good news: Delilah finally had her calf! Little Laszlo Richmond Snider was born yesterday afternoon, which happened to be National Women in Ag Day! I specifically asked the Easter Bunny for a red and white speckled heifer calf...I got the red and white speckled part, but not so much the heifer part. But I… Continue reading A Good Rain and a Baby Calf Are Always Welcome


Canapalooza 2015

I decided that I needed one last summer trip before "Ruby Branch Farms" season officially gets going, so last weekend I went home to the motherland. Ohio being the motherland, of course. The weekend just happened to be my little Armadillo's first birthday. (My niece is Armadillo - doesn't everyone give their nieces invasive rodent nicknames? Ha!) It also coincided with… Continue reading Canapalooza 2015