An Armadillo Thanksgiving

I was fortunate enough to get back to my homeland and spend an early Thanksgiving weekend with my amazing family. MyFarmer didn't get to go with me because we are STILL trying to get all the soybeans out of the field, but that's just part of being farmers. Sometimes you miss out. While the weekend… Continue reading An Armadillo Thanksgiving


A Good Rain and a Baby Calf Are Always Welcome

The good news: Delilah finally had her calf! Little Laszlo Richmond Snider was born yesterday afternoon, which happened to be National Women in Ag Day! I specifically asked the Easter Bunny for a red and white speckled heifer calf...I got the red and white speckled part, but not so much the heifer part. But I… Continue reading A Good Rain and a Baby Calf Are Always Welcome


Canapalooza 2015

I decided that I needed one last summer trip before "Ruby Branch Farms" season officially gets going, so last weekend I went home to the motherland. Ohio being the motherland, of course. The weekend just happened to be my little Armadillo's first birthday. (My niece is Armadillo - doesn't everyone give their nieces invasive rodent nicknames? Ha!) It also coincided with… Continue reading Canapalooza 2015