Little House on the Ranch: Week.. I don’t even know.

We are in the home stretch of Ruby Branch season {can I get an amen} and hopefully once we get through that my abilities to get pictures of our house during actual daylight hours will be better. And my ability to not be a human zombie will be better. And my ability to make sentences that are more better will be better.

In other news, I googled “v-groove” on my work computer this morning trying to figure out the difference between it and bead board. I’ll probably be getting a call from corporate on that one. #awkward

Without further ado, here’s what’s happening on the ranch: (bonus points if you can tell me who says that in the opening of her show…)

It’s amazing to me how many times this house has already gotten messy then been cleaned. I wonder if all the guys will keep coming back to clean it after it’s done? 
Heat/Air stuff is in! 
We didn’t really consider the challenge that lighting would be with the tall ceiling above the kitchen. Here’s to hoping these lights will be enough! Since the stove won’t have a hood, there won’t be a light directly over it. I HATE cooking without a lot of light. This could be bad. Or it could be great! We shall see. 
This is looking out the loft to the living room/kitchen. 
The drywallers have been getting after it. There was even a guy there on Sunday patching holes. I’m impressed with their commitment. 
This is living room looking up to the loft. We are planning to have a sliding barn door to cover the 8ft hole there. Here’s to hoping that works too! HA! 

This week we have to pick out all of the paint colors for the walls, stain colors for the bead board, the wood flooring, the carpet, the tile and the plumbing fixtures. To tell you how crazy our lives are right now, MyFarmer and I have had to schedule when we can do all of this together. We have penciled in Tuesday between when I get off of work and leave for my master cattlemen class, and Wednesday when I get done with a decorating job after work. And maybe Friday night if they aren’t cutting soybeans. Surely we can get all that picked out in the 3 hours we have available together this week. How hard can it be? HA!

We are officially SOLD OUT of mums. Which blows my everloving mind. But we still have some pumpkins and ornamental Kale, so I’m not completely free from my holy matrimony with the mum ranch just yet. And that’s okay. I still love that place. Plus we still have a wedding and a few more decorating jobs to complete! I think I’ll do a whole post on all of our decorating jobs this year. We have done a BUNCH. And not to pat myself and Kimboslice on the back, but they are AMAZING.


Also, we have decided that we need a “chandelier” like this one for our living room. Obviously not as large, but we love this look. It also came to our attention last week that everything we have decided to do on the inside of the house is a direct reflection of the barn that we were married in. Including this light fixture. Hey, we love that place, we might as well live in it! 😉

Until next time friends,  OH! And Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


PS – Someone please bring me coffee. Please.



Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 8 & 9

I had intended on starting this post with an inspiring window quote because we have windows on the house now. You know something about seeing a whole new world open to possibilities or lights through yonder windows and what not. But then when I punched “window quote” into the google the quote that really stuck with me was this:

“Sometimes you’re the window, sometimes you’re the bug.”

Because deep and meaningful is my middle name.

A quick story about being the window:

There was great drama surrounding the master bathtub. Glen told me I had room to get any type of tub I wanted. So I went to the tub palace and tried out a few different sizes. Being a taller than average female the standard tub was just not a good fit. Then we found a 74″ tub. Friends, it was a glorious time. I literally just sat in that tub while the sales lady talked for probably longer than what is socially acceptable. My legs stretched all the way out not even touching the other end of the tub. I was sold. I wanted that tub.

I called Glen to be sure that this glorious piece of bathing equipment would in fact fit in the master bathroom. It seemed too good to be true. And… it was. He broke my tub-loving heart. Shattered it into a million little porcelain pieces when he told me that he wasn’t sure that anything bigger than a standard tub would fit in there. I’m pretty sure he could hear the devastation in my voice because he promptly told me that he would measure the spot tomorrow and tell me exactly how much room I have to work with. At 7:43am he called and broke the news. I didn’t have room for the 72″, but I DID have room for a 66″. (A standard tub is 60″, by the way.) I may not be getting the Rolls Royce of bathtubs, but I am getting a pretty solid Cadillac. And I’m pretty darn excited about that. (I guess I should add, I haven’t had a bathtub in my house for 3 years, and the house we lived in before this one had a SMALLER than standard size tub. 5 years of sub-par or no par tubbing, people.)

And now a quick story about being the bug:

On Tuesday we had a 20% chance of rain. So an 80% chance that it would not rain. And it did not rain for 23.25 hours of the day. But there was a period of 45 minutes that an absolute monsoon fell. In that 45 minutes we got almost 2.5 inches of rain. The house is now completely under roof, so rain shouldn’t be a problem… unless someone forgets to plug up the tubes that the water and electric run into the basement through. MyFarmer sent me a video and it seriously sounded like someone had a faucet on as high as it will open… directly into our basement. By the time the rain passed about a foot of water was sitting in our basement. Luckily the drain in the basement works great so all the water was removed quickly. On the much less fortunate side… there was about 2 inches solid of mucky mud that had to be shoveled into a bucket, carried up the stairs, and dumped outside. The guys spent 2 days doing this in the 90 degree heat. To say MyFarmer was a little bit grumpy would be an understatement. And I don’t blame him.

This picture was after a full day of cleaning. UGHHH.

But, we aren’t going to dwell on the negative here. We have a framed house, a roof, windows and doors! Pretty exciting stuff going on here. We also have shingles on the roof now… but I don’t have a picture of that. #bloggerfail


Here’s a picture from the opposite back corner of the normal pictures:


I really should have taken pictures from this spot to begin with. This is the more exciting side of the house. HA!

The plumbers have plumbed things and the electrician starts wiring stuff in the next week or so. The little house on the ranch is really starting to be a house!

Wishing all our fellow farmers out there a safe and plentiful harvest!

Happy first day of fall, y’all!


Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 6 and 7


Well, some of them. They are still working on it right this minute. But man is it cool to see some walls up there. It actually looks like a house now, not just an epic line dancing floor. The thing we can’t get over is how TALL this house is going to be. The builder has told us it’s a tall house, but we didn’t really believe him until we saw the walls for ourselves. He wasn’t lying.

Week 6 of the build really didn’t see much progress because a certain hurricane named Harvey came to south central Kentucky and set up shop. The good news is that the 8 inches of rain we got really settled all of the dirt around the house. The other good news is that we didn’t have 50+ inches of rain. I absolutely cannot imagine what those people in Texas and Louisiana are going through.

For week 6 being slow, week 7 started off with a bang. The framers have been getting to work sometime between 6 and 6:30am every day and getting after it. I’m so amazed by the skills that all of the people have that are involved in building a house. They make it look so easy. Meanwhile I’ll keep smashing my fingers with my little hammer trying to make fall crafts.

We could have hosted a helluva hoe down!


Pretty surreal seeing it all come to life!
This is the living room/kitchen area. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough windows. I think we are good. HA! 

Last week I did have what I can only describe as the door hinge debacle all over again. I thought I was going to the siding place to give them our final color choice. Then they started off on eves and pitches and channel locks and board wraps and I was gone. Before I left all employees of said siding building were in the show room with me thumbing though magazines and google-ing stuff. God Bless them. We did finally come up with a plan for what we are doing. (I think?) Good news! The final colors are finalized!

Granite Gray and Snow. Classic colors that will never go out of style. #winning

In other news, the mum ranch opens up this weekend and we have officially started corn harvest! I’m relishing in these last couple days of somewhat normalcy because fall gets pretty wild and western around these parts!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh, and my awkward self is going to be on a Bowling Green news station next week. I’m sorry for advance for any of the channels viewers.


I apologize for this giant picture of me looking, well, giant. I don’t know how to shrink this picture. Technology is hard.


Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 3

Quick quiz. No cheating. What color are your door hinges?

If you can answer that instantly without looking, you are my hero. I can honestly say that never, ever in my life have I given any of my attention to the color of a door hinge. I seriously had never considered that there were even multiple colors of door hinges out there. But there are. And when you’re building a house you have to pick out your door hinge colors. Also the number of lines in windows. Never paid attention to the different options there, either. Oh, and when you build a house you should know what kind of front door you want to have. Who knew?!

MyFarmer and I went to the booming metropolis of Bowling Green on Monday to pick out our roof, windows, front door, interior doors, door hinges, door knobs, trim, the trim around the windows that has a fancy name, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t even remember. (We had no idea… we seriously thought we were going to pick out windows and the roof. Whoops.) Before we could pick the roof and window colors out we had to decide what color the actual house was going to be. The two color options we had it narrowed down to were a buckskin color with brown trim and brown windows or a medium gray color with white trim and white windows. As soon as the window guy told us that brown windows are “considerably” more expensive than white windows all of our house color questions were answered.

Y’all we gonna have a gray house with white trim.

siding roof

We honestly had a BLAST picking all the stuff out. Drew and I are both so “basic” that we just really don’t WANT anything extra and extravagant. Literally everything that we liked the best ended up being at or under what we had budgeted for. #winning. Our new BFF/sales guy was so helpful and fun and was totally cracking up at MyFarmer and I’s complete lack of previous research up to this point. But that’s how we roll. When I apologized for being so unprepared he laughed and said, “You are seriously my favorite female customer this year. You’re the only one that hasn’t pulled out your phone and said, ‘Let me show you what I saw on Pinterest!'” I don’t have Pinterest. In fact I just had to google how to spell Pinterest. That’s the level I’m at. MyFarmer and I just know what we like, go with our gut, and roll on. We had all of that stuff picked out in less than an hour and a half and I promised him that I will not change my mind. I intend to keep that promise.

Next step: picking out lighting and plumbing fixtures. Hopefully the salesperson for those locations are as cool as the door and window guy. They have to have a good sense of humor to deal with us. HA! And no, we have no idea what we want for that stuff either, but we are trying to get everything possible picked out before harvest and Ruby Branch season completely takes over our lives.

Another fun thing MyFarmer and I did the last couple weeks was drive the tri-county area and look at houses with the type of siding we are doing. (Vinyl Board and Batten). We only know of 4 in our area so we spent a considerable amount of time road-tripping. Luckily MyFarmer is my favorite person to get lost in the middle of Logan county with. Also, if you are one of the 4 families that have those houses, I’m sorry for creepily doing picture drive-bys of your house. I promise we are harmless.

We had a couple of MUCH needed rains over the past week, so they didn’t get a whole lot done on the house due to the mud for a couple of days. But they are now laying the block for the non-basement side of the house. Things are moving along!


3 weeks down… a considerable number of weeks to go!


Little House on the Ranch Update: Week 2

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but the more the house gets dug out, the smaller it looks. HA! It’s such a strange optical illusion. MyFarmer and I often find ourselves standing in the middle of “rooms” to remind ourselves that we aren’t building a crackerjack box. We are very well aware that when you put walls up it will all the sudden grow – it’s just hilarious right now! It’s also strange how different everything looks with all of the dirt work they have done. We want the house to go at the same angle as the creek, and it is, but because of the dirt it looks completely strait. That probably doesn’t make sense to you so you just have to trust me on this one. I’m sure once all the dirt is flattened out it will look the way we want it to.

The basement is completely poured, as are the footers for the rest of the house and the front porch and back patio. I think I’m going to call the back patio a lanai because that’s what the Golden Girls called their back patio, and if it’s good enough for the Golden Girls it’s good enough for me. Granted, people in Kentucky don’t call back porches lanai’s, but they also don’t call a farm with 4 cows and two horses a ranch, so to heck with tradition. I’m going to have a ranch house with a lanai in Kentucky because that’s Ree Drummond and Sophia Petrillo would want me to have.


MyFarmer suggested that we don’t actually fill in the front porch and we use it as a mote to keep ScubaSteve out. Okay, maybe the mote idea was his and the Scuba idea was mine… 😛 
I’ve always dreamed of being able to see my horses from my kitchen window. Childhood dream coming true! ❤ 
It’s going to be awful waking up to these sunrises every morning, but I’ll suffer through. 
Queen Clementine Lillan atop her puppy dirt mountain. 

I still don’t know what will be happening next because I still haven’t talked to any of the guys… I’m just staying out of their way!

MyFarmer has decided we need to pick out siding this week. Pray for us.

Until next week,


Little House on the Ranch Update: It’s Happening!

Y’all, this has been a long spring and summer. It seems like we have been busier than ever on the farm, at our jobs, and just in life. The weather has been a bizarre mix of monsoon, scorching heat, then dry and crispy. It’s made for a weird first half of the year. Along with all the “normal” life we have had some issues with getting deeds and permits to get our #LittleHouseOnTheRanch project moving forward. Praise the Lord we *hopefully* have all of those problems behind us and we are full speed ahead! The only preliminary thing left is to close on our construction loan in a couple of days… surely that won’t be too dramatic. Other than the fact that I’m going to be sobbing in despair over signing our lives away. I really married into the wrong occupation for being terrified of debt. HA!

We mapped out the house location and put the little flags out last night. Our house is going to be a little over 1,800 square feet and let me tell you something; in the middle of a 70ish acre farm with two shops that are well over 5,500 square feet, that looks like a tiny little rectangle on the ground. For a second I really thought if I were to lay down in the middle like a star fish I could touch all the corners. But I can’t. And I have some really long arms. A whole house is going to fit in there. I’m certain of it.

They are going to start digging our basement TOMORROW! It’s about to get real! I can’t believe it’s actually happening. There’s been so much build-up and let-down over this project thus far that MyFarmer and I are at the point of “Let’s just get this crap over with.” Although I am pretty excited to blog out the whole process, and it will be neat to look back over everything that happens once it’s all done!


This photo is how I know Glenn is going to be a trooper through our building process. We got all the flags set and I forgot to take a picture. I mean, this is important stuff, it needs to be documented! Without hesitation he picked his tape back up again and posed beautifully for this life-altering photo. Bless him.


Friends, I’m so looking forward to sharing this #littlehouseontheranch adventure with you all! I think we are going to have a whole lot of fun!

Stay tuned – a picture of a backhoe coming soon!