An Armadillo Thanksgiving

I was fortunate enough to get back to my homeland and spend an early Thanksgiving weekend with my amazing family. MyFarmer didn't get to go with me because we are STILL trying to get all the soybeans out of the field, but that's just part of being farmers. Sometimes you miss out. While the weekend… Continue reading An Armadillo Thanksgiving


Longhorn vs. Corriente Cattle

I love cows. Like, I'm udderly obsessed. I didn't know how much I loved cows until my first girl, Delilah Eleanor Bennett-Workman-Snider came into my life. I love my herd of misfit animals equally, but man she is something else. My friend Shultz described her best. "She's ridiculous but loveable." Delilah is a Corriente cow.… Continue reading Longhorn vs. Corriente Cattle