Cast of Characters


Laney:  That’s me! I grew up a “horse girl” in the ‘burbs of south eastern Ohio. While I definitely didn’t grow up in the big city, it wasn’t exactly the small town USA in south central Kentucky that I find myself grounded in now. I met MyFarmer while in college at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky (Go Racers!), where I majored in college rodeo and Agribusiness. And that’s how I ended up here on this 2,000+/- acre slice of row crop heaven. I work for a seed and chemical company as well as being the “head chick in charge” of our newest agventure, Ruby Branch Farms, where we raise mums, pumpkins, Indian corn, and sweet corn. I love all things heeler dog, horned cow and horse and will most likely be talking about one of those 3 things when we meet.


MyFarmer:  Aka Drew. Aka my awesome husband. Aka my business partner. Aka the guy that hasn’t divorced me for continually bringing home more animals…. yet. He also received an Agribusiness degree from MSU (with a higher GPA than me, he likes to add. ha!) He is the Precision Technology Specialist for a crop insurance company as well as working with his dad on our farm raising corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley. His passion for farming is contagious and is awesome sense of humor will provide more than enough material for this blog.

steve and alv me and barb

The Inlaws: Dun Dun Dunnnn. Just kidding, they’re super awesome. ScubaSteve and Barbara are seriously the best in-laws a girl could ask for. Steve is a 3rd generation farmer who has an ag degree from the University of Kentucky. He’s also the guy I call when I get the lawn mower stuck, or break the gator, or not sure how to do the fence corner, or when the cow is acting weird, or when I just want to annoy him. He’s an alright guy. Barbara is a registered dietitian and someone I would have never been able to survive without when I first moved here. She’s my plus 1 for dinner during planting and harvest season and she shares my love for all things equine. I think I’ll keep her.


The Parental Unit: MyMomma and MyPoppa are two of the coolest people on earth. MyMomma is a dental hygienist and MyPoppa restores antique airplanes. They are the crazy people that carried MySister and I up and down the road our entire childhood to horse shows, and later to rodeos. Between the horses and the fact that both of my parents are small aircraft pilots I had quite the unique (and fun!) childhood. We weren’t rich, but we were able to have a wealth of great experiences. They both also work with “The Flying Fortress”, a WWII B-17 that tours all over the US. MyPoppa does mechanic work and is a crew leader and MyMomma is a tour coordinator. When I grow up I want to be just like them!


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